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225PC Circlip Snap Ring Retaining Ring Assortment

Item No.: CTRRA225

Type: Circlip

Material: Steel

Specification: 225pc retaining ring assortment

Price: $1-10/set

Other: Surface Finishing: Blackened Finished

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Product Description

225pc retaining ring assortment includes the following specifications:
70 retaining rings:
15pc 11mm, 10pc 13mm, 10pc 14mm, 15pc 16mm,
10pc 19mm, 10pc 20mm

155 snap rings:
15pc  6mm, 15pc  8mm, 15pc 10mm, 15pc 11mm, 15pc 13mm,
15pc 14mm, 15pc 16mm, 15pc 19mm, 10pc 20mm, 10pc 22mm,
10pc 25mm, 5  pc 32mm

ItemStyleDescriptionUnitQty/CtnLWHG.W.N.W.QtyCTNCBMTotal G.W.Total N.W.
circlip ring set225pcMaterial:50Mn steel; heat treatment; blacken finishing; Packing:a PE boxwith a color-printed paper with your logo for each setset244524205.551008420.9072231210